Finca Tungasuk was born 4 years ago, when we decided to leave France in order to start an organic family farm. We discovered we both had childhoods surrounded by our grandparents who shared with us all the time their memories and nostalgia of their time life in the countryside, this in big part inspired and brought us together to start this journey.

Alfredo is an IT who loves to be outdoors (ironic don’t you think so) and as a Peruvian foodie knows how to catch your attention with his cooking. I learned with him how to choose and debone fresh fish before I became a chef.

I am a Nicaraguan chef (Ferrandi Culinary Institute) who stands against food waste, and have had the opportunity to travel abroad to get larger knowledge of food cultures and their infinite richness. I feel grateful to have learnt from so many food enthusiasts and professionals, starting by my grandmother Amada (her name means ”the loved one”), Colette from Mali, Meok Lee from South Korea, Sol from the States, Barbara from Brazil, chef Stephane Gabrielly from France, chef Kunihisa Goto from Fontainebleau, chef Nibaudeau from Bordeaux, Kenichi from Japan, Masha from Russia/Poland, Rebecca, Maina from France who was very patient and supportive while I was doing my internship in Alain Ducasse au Plaza, and many others (thank you all!)

We both somehow had some connection with the island from a long time ago, and we decided to move here when we found this land (or viceversa) we call Finca Tungasuk, to start our own organic and resilient farm, in the pursuit of a more sustainable way of living and support every effort is being done in the island to keep it running regardless the obstacles.

Cuban people is very well know for its resilience through time, they have inspired many people worlwide. Food is a main subject in their culture and sprinkle every moment in their daily life even though there has been ups and downs that has shadowed access to it. If you have the chance to travel here, meet and share time with a Cuban family, do not let skip the opportunity to talk about those old times when they had smoked herrings for ”merienda” and share a coffee with them.

While you spend the Day with us volunteering, having luch or a cooking class, we will have much more time to share with you, our own experience and what we have learned from and with them in this past years.

We are starting to be aplatanados (cubanized), this video in Spanish explains  better where the term comes from.

Finca Tungasuk is a member of Jesús Menéndez Farmer’s Cooperative C.C.S.F which we support through our work and your donations.


El peruano, yo nicaragüense. El informático, yo chef. Emprendimos un camino juntos hace 6 años cuando decidimos cruzar juntos el océano rumbo a Africa en el 2011.

Esa fue mi primera vez en el continente africano. Llegué sin saber que esperar solo con la alegría de emprender una nueva vida juntos, compartiendo nuestro entusiasmo por explorar nuevos horizontes (mi último post desde Francia, espero retomar este 2018 el blog de cocina)

Un tiempo después nos encontramos viviendo en Francia, donde tuve la oportunidad de estudiar cocina en Ferrandi, y sumergirme en el mundo de los productos locales y orgánicos, trabajar con chefs que están comprometidos a apoyar a los pequeños productores y agricultores, poniendo en alto sus productos mediante sus creaciones culinarias.

Entonces se despertó en nosotros el deseo de emprender un proyecto juntos en el que pudiéramos dejar de ser espectadores y pasar a la acción en busca de un vida más sostenible. Visitamos a nuestra familia en Cuba ese invierno del 2014 y aires de cambio y entusiasmo se sentía y respiraba en la isla, que ha sido un modelo de resiliencia en agricultura. Encontramos Tungasuk o mejor dicho ella nos encontró a nosotros ese invierno y decidimos hacer maletas y unirnos a todos los que están luchando por pincelar un mejor futuro en la isla.

Finca Tungasuk ha recibido voluntarios, amigos, familiares de distintas partes del mundo, convirtiéndose en una plataforma de intercambio entre todos los que trabajamos aquí y los que nos visitan, apoyan y comparten un interés común por la alimentación sostenible, la naturaleza y la buena cuchara

Amador, el más mayorcito del equipo recientemente expresó con mucha alegría  que nunca se imaginó que a sus más de 70 primaveras conocería gente de tantos lugares del mundo, entusiastas e interesados en la historia de la agricultura cubana.

Así somos pues una pareja de aplatanados (Se dice del extranjero que habla, piensa y actúa conforme a las costumbre cubana, aquí un video que explica el origen del término.

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Annabelle and Alfredo at their farm, Finca Tungasuk. They run a program where volunteers can come work alongside them on the many farming needs as they learn about sustainable farming. They are passionate about bringing quality organic produce at market prices for families in the localities close to them.

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