I was visiting my family in Nicaragua after Hurricane Irma event on September, excited to get 24/7 fast internet connection while being there, which we do not have yet at Finca Tungasuk (as you may now internet access is still not so easy to get in the countryside, hopefully soon!) when I saw a facebook link announcing the upcoming UN CC: e-Learn Platform upcoming course on: “The National Adaptation Plans: Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture”.

During my time in Nicaragua, being far from the farm allowed me to have time and look from the distance and process what just did happen to us and around 75% of the island. We just finished a very active hurricane season this 2017 and this was my first time experiencing in the countryside the impact of a hazard weather event like hurricane Irma was. We had some tree lost and damages, but we did “well” compared to the central/east part of the country. You can find more information on this report on Hurricane Irma and Cuba. I questioned myself what we should have done to avoid some of the loses and damages due to the wind impact on the farm and which measures we could take to prepare for another weather event like this one.

No better timing for me to get acces to this large tank of resources on climate change information, mitigation and adaptation actions.

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